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Before you contact us, please ensure your question has not been answered in our list of frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I subscribe to home delivery service?

There are currently two ways you may subscribe to your favourite newspaper quickly and easily. You may subscribe to home delivery service by phone or in person at your newspaper office of choice. Please use our Online Contact Assistant below for a list of phone numbers and newspaper offices nearest you.

Q. How do I place a classified advertisement?

You may place a classified advertisement in your paper(s) of choice: by online payment, by email, by phone or in person at your local newspaper office. Please note that some newspapers are not yet available for online classified placement.

Click here to purchase a classified placement online or use the Online Contact Assistant below to find the phone number and or office address of your paper(s) of choice.

Q. How do I find a published article online?

Articles no older than fourteen days may typically be found using our on-site search function. Click here to search for articles on this site. Older articles may be accessed from FPInfomart, our archive partner. You may also be able to find past issues and articles at your local library.

Please note that not all articles and features published in the print editions of our partner newspapers are included online.

Q. May I include a link, to an article appearing on this site, from my own home page or blog?

You may post a link to an article appearing on this site on your home page or blog. You may not reproduce or distribute, on your own site for personal or commercial use, the contents of an article appearing on this site without the written permission of CanadaEast Interactive. For clarification please refer to our Terms of Use and Copyright Information.

Letter to the Editor Guidelines

As a matter of policy, anonymous letters to the editor and those from authors who may not be verified by our editorial staff are not published. To ensure that your letter to the editor is received and may be published, please be sure to include your full name, address and phone number. Letters should be no more than 250 words in length.

Our editorial staff reserve the right to edit letters for length, libel, taste and non-verifiable information. You may submit a letter to the editor by mail, dropping it off at your local newspaper office, or by using the Online Contact Assistant below.

Online Contact Assistant


Required for Letters
Required for Letters

Press Release Submission Guidelines

Please use the Online Contact Assistant above to submit your press release.

Press releases should include the full contact information for your organization. In the case of events, please be sure to provide plenty of advanced notice.

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